Costa del Hamilo Incorporated (CDHI) is the exclusive developer of Hamilo Coast. It’s a duly recognized company under SM Prime, considered as one of the largest integrated property developers in Southeast Asia and the largest in terms of assets in the Philippines.

SM Prime’s foray into the leisure homes sector through a host of projects addresses the huge potential in Philippine tourism. It augments and complements SM Prime’s diverse offerings in the growing real estate segment- particularly the company’s hotels and conventions businesses. These developments also highlight the company’s stewardship as its projects ensure environmental sustainability through conservation.

Costa del Hamilo Inc. is SM Prime’s developer of Hamilo Coast, a premier leisure development that celebrates coastal living anchored firmly on nature’s bounty and SM’s sustainability principles. Hamilo has 13 distinct coves along a 31-kilometer coastline – all part of a larger tract of land spanning 5,900 hectares of lush terrain and natural beauty.

Hamilo Coast Projects

  • Jacana

  • Myna

  • Carola

  • Miranda

  • Freia

  • Sola