Hamilo Coast and Tagaytay Highlands: A #SMWasteFreeFuture in Leisure Estates

July 11, 2024

MANILA – July 1, 2024. SM Prime’s luxury and leisure estates, Costa del Hamilo, Inc. and Tagaytay Highlands, come together for a #SMWasteFreeFuture.

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), one of the leading integrated property developers in Southeast Asia, brings all its property groups and stakeholders toward an #SMWasteFreeFuture on a unified waste management and segregation campaign in response to the growing global crises on waste.

The #SMWasteFreeFuture program promotes behavioral changes in waste management through effective waste segregation via Recyclable, Disposable, Compostable, or RDC. It aims to achieve two primary objectives: (1) Reduce Overall Waste Generation by implementing effective waste segregation practices, and 2) Enhance Waste Diversion Rate by diverting a greater proportion of waste away from landfills through recycling, composting, and other sustainable disposal methods.

First Steps Towards a Waste-Free Lifestyle

Sustainability Champion and SM Engineering Design and Development Corporation President Hans “Chico” T. Sy, Jr. emphasized, “We have to be open to new ways of doing things and of putting into action every little step that’s crucial for advancing waste management solutions,” he said

Day 1 of the #SMWasteFreeFuture project was launched at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, on June 5, 2024, World Environment Day.

“This is a small step in a long journey. This is a learning process and it will not be perfect. We highly encourage all of you to give us feedback,” he said. Sy further emphasizes that, “This project is not specific to one organization, but one that belongs to an entire society. We welcome everyone to practice this in their everyday lives.”

Guardians of Nature

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of Costa del Hamilo, Inc. (CDHI) and Tagaytay Highlands. Both developments have redefined comfort and quiet luxury in leisure living with sound ecological practices, whether in the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, or the greens and tranquil spaces of Tagaytay Highlands.

“We’ve been working with groups such as the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature – Philippines for a long time now with our conservation programs. SM Prime’s  #SMWasteFreeFuture is an added welcome innovation in practical waste segregation practices. We hope to engage our communities to protect and preserve the beauty of Hamilo Coast and Tagaytay Highlands,” says Ms. Shirley Ong, Executive Vice President for the Leisure Residences Group.

Regular beach and coastal clean-ups, annual tree planting activities, and fortifying its three MPA zones, the Leisure group of SM Prime has been known in the group as the guardians of nature. In 2022, the company concentrated on assessing solid waste, water, and wastewater management, formulating an environmental management plan and promoting foodshed farming systems – all significant waste management components.

Hamilo Coast’s Santelmo Cove features a live hard coral cover estimated at 61% with a notable increase over time. The abundant flora and fauna make it the perfect home to over 185 species of birds and is the ideal birding site. Moreover, they are proud stewards of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles that return to the beach for their chosen nesting site.

“We’ve been trying to protect the species we are entrusted with the help of our residents, guests, and our employees. Everyone who experiences life in Hamilo and in Tagaytay Highlands appreciate the biodiversity that thrive here and understand the role that we have to play for its protection. We hope that the future generations see we can do more for our planet,” says Ms. Ong.

About #SMWasteFreeFuture

#SMWasteFreeFuture is the company’s waste strategy to encourage green practices in resource management, environmental impact, and most importantly, the social well-being of the community for a waste-free world.

SM Prime remains committed to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities, thereby enriching the quality of life of millions of people. SM Prime is pursuing the next horizon on integrated property development and onward to building sustainable cities of the future.

To learn more about #SMWasteFreeFuture and RDC, visit the site:

The employees of Costa del Hamilo, Inc. together with residents and guests of Pico De Loro Cove during the World Environment Day beach clean-up.

The RDC bins around the Tagaytay Highlands property help create the practical and consistent waste segregation practices across the group.

Waste water management safeguards the marine ecosystem and resources. Hamilo Coast and WWF- Philippines Ridge to Reef Program declared three of Hamilo Coast’s coves – Pico de Loro, Etayo, and Santelmo, as Marine Protected Areas.