Residential Lot for Sale in Batangas: Where Should You Buy

Batangas is one of the most progressive cities outside the metro. It is no wonder why the Filipinos choose the province as their permanent residence.

Batangas has this rustic charm wherein it is not heavily urbanized, but not too rural either, making it suitable for comfortable and convenient living. Nonetheless, not all towns are created equal—some cities are more progressive than the others.

If you are going to buy a lot for sale in Batangas, you should consider these places.

Where to live in Batangas

1) Nasugbu

If you are looking for ideal coastal living, Nasugbu is your best bet. Nature abounds in this first-class community, although its beaches are the primary focus of tourism. There’s a right balance of agricultural and commercialization activities in Nasugbu. Sugar production is one of its primary industries, explaining why the main products of the Nasugbugueños are sweetened delicacies.

Other than the beaches, there are several virgin forests, mountains, and naturally-formed rock pools that you’d get to see and perhaps take a plunge in when hiking to the summit.

2) Lipa

As the headquarters of BPO companies, Lipa is one of the busiest business hubs in Calabarzon. This is expected from a first-class city slowly transitioning into an agro-industrial center wherein agricultural land areas were converted into residential subdivisions. Because of this, the city is dubbed as a city to watch in 2020. This also gives prospects another reason to live in Lipa, aside from the beaches, the mountains, and its climate.

Lipa is strategically located as well,  that’s why its neighboring towns converge to Lipa City Market to create the largest market in this part of Batangas. Additionally, with the expected completion of CALAX (Cavite-Laguna Expressway) and Skyway extension, there is no reason why homebuyers must discard the place from their shortlist.

3) Batangas City

Batangas City, a first-class city, has the second biggest port in the country dubbed as the Industrial Port of Calabarzon. It is also gradually shifting from an agricultural to an industrial economy. The lowlands cater to commercial establishments while the rural landscapes are preserved in the northern part of the city.

Commerce is booming, especially in the poblacion (city center) where shopping complexes and supermarkets are located. There are numerous large-scale developments in the city courtesy of some of the country’s biggest property developers.

4) Santo Tomas

A first-class component city, Santo Tomas is the first city to house an industrial park in Batangas. It shares the industrial park with Tanauan. The city is largely residential, complemented by popular lifestyle and commercial complexes.

Maharlika Highway, dubbed as the local central business district (CBD), houses a lifestyle strip including shops, salons, cafes, bars, fitness gyms, and restaurants. The highway’s role cannot be emphasized enough as it connects Santo Tomas with other cities in Laguna like Calamba and reaches as far as the Bicol Region.

5) Tanauan

Tanauan is the only second-class city in the list, though it is one of the cities composing Manila’s conurbation or the extended urban area. Aside from three industrial parks (First Philippine Industrial Park, Dolores Industrial Park, and Data Land Industrial Park), Tanauan also houses the first industrial township. They provide substantial economic opportunities for the locals.

Tanauan has its CBD called Tanauan City Zentrum, where you’ll find condo buildings, office towers, and commercial centers. The Southern Tagalog Arterial Road connects Tanauan with the rest of the cities in Batangas.

Before looking for lots for sale in Batangas to build your dream house, it would be wise to know what makes living in Batangas worthwhile.

Why live in Batangas

  • Well-balanced countryside and urbanized living

Batangas is a well-planned province: not too rural and not highly urbanized either. It is not hard to imagine living here more if you don’t favor a fast-paced lifestyle in exchange for a more laid-back one.

Then again, all the conveniences that the metro offers are here—especially career opportunities and lifestyle choices. So living here means leaving the compromises behind.

  • Comfortable and safe neighborhoods

While the highly commercialized areas (by its standard) has a population density of 1,600 people per square kilometer, the highest increase is only at 7% annually. It means the local government relatively controls population growth.

Gated neighborhoods are generally safe. But it is not highly advisable to walk alone at night particularly in the dark alleys; it pays to be guarded and diligent when it comes to your own safety.

  • Affordable housing options

As Batangas is increasingly becoming a residential haven, options for high-value residential properties are thick on the ground. You will surely find a property that matches your hard-earned money’s worth. Lots for sale in Batangas, for instance, start from 60 square meter configuration.

Other than the lot cuts, you will surely appreciate the appropriateness of the orientation and placement. The developers cater to the homebuyers by curating the space based on the needs of the would-be users. Not just young professionals and starting, growing, and maturing families, Batangas is also a favorite among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), retirees, and expatriates.

  • Quiet and clean surroundings

The tranquility of the place, specifically the outskirts and coastal areas, living away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, is one crucial factor that draws the people to live here in Batangas. Constant exposure to pollution leads to sickness, and you don’t want that to happen to you or your family. The same goes for noise pollution, which is downright distracting and, thus, unhealthy as well.

A clean environment could be a luxury when you live in a metropolitan area, unlike when you live close to nature like in Batangas. Everywhere you look, it seems nature stares back at you.

  • Proximity to various places of interest

Think of Batangas as a gateway to Manila. However, Batangas boasts of its own tourist attractions. You and your loved ones are in for a treat. Batangas is also one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its beaches, mountains, falls, hot springs, islands, and generally, flora, fauna, and marine life.

Planning a quick getaway to the beach or countryside resorts or any adventurous activity nearby is highly possible. Given the impressive infrastructure, families are allowed more recreational time minus the hassles caused by traffic congestion.

  • Proximity to Metro Manila

Even if you live in Batangas, it is possible to work or have a business in Manila. The travel time is shortened to an hour or an hour and a half, thanks to a well-developed road network. Not to mention, the national government prioritizes improvements of national highways and expressways through its Build, Build, Build program.

These infrastructure developments are poised to make Batangas even more accessible. If you decide to be billeted here, you will discover how convenient it is to travel in and out of the province, using public or private transportation.

  • A multitude of investment opportunities

Local and multinational relocators are investing in Batangas. If not in Manila, you can always build a business locally. The province teems with industrial parks and commercial hubs where you can set up your own business. These economic zones do no only create employment, but also offer benefits to the business operators.

If it helps to know, the local government has a 10-year comprehensive development plan that includes health, education, housing, and economic programs. If you choose to work near, in one of the BPO companies, for instance, you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.

  • Effective social services

Batangas prioritized the social sector—from top-of-the-notch hospitals to world-class academic institutions. Government services are also readily available. The construction of modern facilities is ongoing as well based on carefully crafted urban planning.

These things should be that least of your worries, especially if you have children or elderly living with you.

  • Rich local culture

Much like other provinces in Calabarzon, Batangas also has a historied past. Nevertheless, such a rich culture is characterized by the spread of Christianity in the region. The Province of Bonbon, which is the original name of Batangas, was entirely Christianized in the first ten years of Spanish rule in the country.

Today, there are two primary religious affiliations: Roman Catholicism and Iglesia Filipina Independiente.

  • Equally rich cuisine

Batangas is known for its lomi (egg noodles) and kapeng barako (coffee). There is more to Batangas, though, such as the native way of cooking local delicacies. Because of the abundance of bamboo in the province, one of its traditional methods of cooking is to use buho (bamboo trunk) for added scent and flavor. Labong (bamboo shoots) is one of the native delicacies cooked in coconut milk and other ingredients.

When you live in Batangas, expect to see and sample tapang Taal (cured beef) and adobo sa dilaw (adobo cooked with turmeric).

Real estate investment in Batangas is thriving; it is one of the five provinces in which investment outlook is generally favorable. In the last couple of years, there are significant activities in residential, commercial, and industrial segments. You can participate by buying a lot for sale in Nasugbu, for instance.

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