Philippine Properties: Six Compelling Reasons to Buy A Beach House

As a tropical country, it is a well-known fact that most Filipinos have developed an affinity for the beach.

Filipinos are known to flock to beaches in droves come summer or during the hotter months. However, as you sit and lounge by the beach, has it ever occurred to you that it might be more economically wise and practical to just straight out have a beach house of your own in lieu of renting beach villas or booking resort rooms? If you are someone who needs a constant break from the daily hustle and bustle of life, you might find that buying your very own beach house would make so much more sense than constantly spending your weekends and holidays and hotel rooms. Moreover, there is a certain allure in having a piece of paradise to call your own. After all, having an idyllic location you can very much call your home is akin to having your very own majestic sanctuary in this world.

With your very own beach house, solace can be yours in the form of a holiday retreat at any time of the year. Aside from living by the beach and calling the coastal lot your very own piece of heaven here on earth, what makes a beach house such a compelling buy? Below are just some of the reasons why:

1.) It never loses its value

One of the main advantages of buying a beachfront home is that it will basically never lose value. As more and more people wish to live near the ocean, it is inevitable for beachside properties to increase in value. With that said, think of your beach home as an investment property as you will be able to sell it in the future for at least the amount you paid or probably a lot more.

2.) You can rent it out for extra income

With the advent of online marketplace companies for vacation rentals such as Agoda and Airbnb, renting your homes to prospective tourists has never been easier than ever. As hotel rooms can be expensive and resorts even more so, tourists are looking for cheaper and more affordable alternatives–one of which can be your beach house. With the high-influx coming into the Philippines each year, you are almost guaranteed to have prospective renters for your beach house no matter the time of the year. Your beach home can serve as a property to help you diversify your portfolio. Incidentally, passive real-estate ownership can also help you increase your overall return of investment and provide a comforting level of financial security–something that is very much needed given today’s erratic market fluctuations.

3.) You can think of it as your future retirement home

Another incentive to buying your own beach home is having your dream retirement home nailed down. With the skyrocketing prices of real estate properties nowadays, who knows how much they will cost by the time you decide to buy a retirement home? Investing in one now ensures that by the time you retire, you have your very own dream retirement home–one that is complete with all the furnishings, decor, and upgrades. Even better, your retirement home sits right by the beach and is already fully paid for.

4.) You can use it as a holiday retreat for family and friends

Who says only you can take advantage of your beach house? Having your own vacation home means you have a designated special gathering place where you and your visitors can congregate. Think of it as a secondary place where your relatives or friends can feel a sense of belonging. Second homes, particularly beach homes, that are regularly used for vacations and family holidays have been shown to provide a valuable and unique contribution to the spiritual wealth of any family.

5.) You get the spoils of nature–right at your doorstep

Having a beachside property means being able to enjoy morning walks by the beach. What was once an ordinary jog in the neighborhood can now become a sprint on the sand while watching the sunrise over the ocean every single day. You can elevate your date nights by taking it out to the patio and hear the waves crashing as you make your way through dinner. Moreover, you can think of your beach home as your own private escape where the air is fresher and cleaner in comparison to the perpetual smog of your city home. With a beachside property, your backyard is the beach–something you can very much consider your own playground. Here you can spend mornings learning to surf, dive or swim, or basically anything you wish to do. Similarly, you can also learn to fish and maybe consider fishing for meals if you so wish. Having a beachfront home opens up endless possibilities to take up new hobbies and even learning new things without having to fork over a lot of cash to rent a holiday home.

6.) You can easily take affordable vacations

Beach homes ensure that should you ever need a quick getaway from the city or just a breather from being under constant stress, you always have a place to go to. Your holiday plans need not be meticulously planned as well considering that with a beach home, you no longer have to make prior reservations and can easily enjoy more downtime. So, if you wish to take advantage of holidays and long weekends off, join the bevy of buyers making a beach house investment that is within a two-to-three-hour drive from their primary residence. With the quick drive from home, you can now look forward to more spontaneous excursions and on-a-whim jaunts. With a vacation home, blocking out a time to entertain or unwind is so much easier insomuch that you may never want to spend your holidays or vacation anywhere else ever again.

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