Philippine Destinations: Four Reasons Why Tourists Love Coming Back to Nasugbu, Batangas

Hailed as one of the most visited beach destinations in Luzon, Batangas continues to reel in visiting tourists and locals.

Cradling a wide array of diverse landscapes,  Batangas is a land of gorgeous seascapes complemented by spectacular diving sites, fertile farmlands, majestic mountains, clear and tranquil rivers, a scenic lake coupled with a volcano. All these considered, it should come as no wonder why the city itself is such a compelling visit that tourists and locals alike love coming back. Moreover, Batangas is only a couple of hours away from Metro Manila making it the ideal destination for long weekend trips or spontaneous excursions.

On a particular note, Nasugbu Batangas is well-known for its beautiful beaches and string of tourist spots. Once an overlooked town in Batangas, Nasugbu soon grew in popularity owing to its sought-after beaches and obscure city, which is now considered an up-and-coming hot summer spot. Beyond the pristine waters, however, the place has so much to offer that tourists and locals alike love coming back–a true testament to the city’s captivating allure and beauty. So, what is it about Nasugbu that reels visiting tourists in? What makes the town compelling enough to warrant numerous visits?

Well, read on below to find out what those reasons are.

1.) The stunning and pristine beaches

Every conversation about Nasugbu would always find its way to a discussion of its beaches. In fact, it has always been associated with beautiful beaches that it has been considered as one of Luzon’s beloved beach towns favored and frequented by Manilenyos. Most of Nasugbu’s beaches are noted for their amazing shorelines coupled with the marvelous and exciting dive spots. As Nasugbu is only a 3-hour drive away from Metro Manila, it is easy enough to visit on weekends and long holidays. Moreover, due to the town’s proximity and accessibility, it is inevitable for tourists and even locals alike to keep coming back for short and spontaneous trips.

Below are just a few of Nasugbu’s beaches that are worth the visit:

* Hamilo Coast

Regarded as the Amazon Rainforest of the seas, Hamilo Coast earns the top spot as the best beach to visit in Nasugbu as it showcases the best of what both the land and sea can offer. Unlike most beaches in Nasugbu, Hamilo Coast presents three mountain peaks on the east and comprises thirteen coves outstretched with three of them declared as Marine Protected Areas. If you want to try something a little different than just a day lounging by the beach, Hamilo Coast is definitely the place you should hit up.

*Tali Beach

A crowd-favorite not only in Nasugbu but in all of Batangas, Tali Beach is one of the most beloved and well-known attractions in the area. Unlike most popular beaches, however, Tali Beach does not boast of powdery white sand shorelines typically favored by Filipinos. Instead, the emerald and cobalt blue waters right punctuated by brown-colored boulders make for a magnetic and unique sight–enough to reel anyone in.

*Kayraang Cove

While Nasugbu, Batangas is known for its prestigious and luxurious beach resorts, the public beaches are not something to be overlooked either. Kayraang Cove, a pristine stretch of beach and sand, is known to be one of the town’s best-kept secrets. Located in Barangay Calayo, Kayraang Cove is ideal for visitors who wish to avoid crowds and crave considering that the beach is relatively unknown and unheard of. As the place is relatively obscure, it is typically not included in most island hopping tours which would allow you to have the entire place to yourselves.

2.) Undeniably good and delectable food

Each province in the Philippines inevitably has a slew of good food to offer that would make it such a memorable visit and Nasugbu, Batangas definitely does not disappoint in that aspect. Like most Luzon provinces, Nasugbu has its own array of delicious food and a variety of dishes distinct only to the place itself. If you ever find yourself in Nasugbu, below are just some of the dishes you should give a try:


Regarded as the signature dish of the province, Bulalo is a beloved bone marrow soup dish noted for its simplicity and straightforwardness. Breaking down the dish to its ingredients, you will find that it is basically just beef shanks boiled in water with onions, garlic, black pepper, and salt. But do not let the simplicity of ingredients fool you, Bulalo definitely packs a punch when it comes to taste.

*Batangas Lomi

Unlike the Lomi you are probably accustomed to, Lomi in the southern corner of Luzon is different from what you might have seen or tasted in other parts of the country. In lieu of the creamy yellow soup, Batangas Lomi is so thick and gooey. It is also best paired with a saucer of soy sauce, calamansi, and chili. A beloved dish in Batangas, you can easily notice the many “Lomi houses” stationed along the main roads should you ever visit and while the taste varies from one restaurant to another, you can be assured that the basic recipe remains the same.

* Batangas Goto

If you have ever asked for an order of Goto in a restaurant before, you might be a little taken aback at the Batangueno’s version of it. To be fair though, Goto means tripe but if you are used to ordering goto and getting served a type of congee with bits of tripe, Batangas Goto will come as an unexpected surprise. Goto in Batangas is a thin soup with beef tripe among other ingredients such as innards. If you are not fully committed to the idea of eating innards just yet, you can also find that there are varieties that have more meat than innards.

3.) A variety of activities and things to do

One of the reasons that make Nasugbu such a captivating and magnetic town of all sorts is the wide range of activities you can do while there. With so much to do, you could not get to them all in just a single visit which would compel you to come back and try the rest on another day. As an incredibly diverse town, Nasugbu offers a myriad of adventures of activities. Nasugbu might be known for its beautiful array of beaches, but visiting the beach is just one of the many facets of this town and just one of the many activities you can do. Apart from visiting the beach, below are just some of the things you can do while you are in Nasugbu:

* Indulge yourself by going on a food trip

As said above, Batangas is home to a slew of delicious meals unique to the province. With that said, one of the most sought-after activities you should try while you are visiting is to try them all. After all, a travel experience is incomplete if it is not culminated by a celebration of the food native to the place. So, go ahead and try the Bulalo and the famous Batangas Lomi and Goto should you ever get the chance to visit.

* Go on a hike and immerse yourself in nature

One of the most-visited places in Nasugbu is Mount Pico de Loro. If you are not overly fond of the beach or just simply want to try something different, why not go on a hike to one of Nasugbu’s most beloved places, Mount Pico de Loro. A dormant volcano, Mount Pico de Loro is Spanish for “Parrots Beak”–a name that is attributed to its interesting shape that resembles a bird’s beak. It is well-loved by mountain climbers, thrill-seekers, and adventurers alike. While the climb may be challenging, the awe-inspiring view of the Mount Palay-Palay range is certainly rewarding enough to motivate you to give it a shot. So, if you are an experienced hiker or are able to rock climb, you should definitely visit Mount Pico de Loro.

4.) The Warm and Accommodating Nasugbuenos themselves

Filipinos are already known to be warm, friendly, and hospitable people. Nasugbuenos are no different and while they are known for that distinct Batangueno accent, they are every bit as warm, friendly and hospitable as any other Filipino. More importantly, Nasugbuenos are a sweet and welcoming bunch insomuch that tourists that do visit do not only come for the places to see and activities to do, they also come back for the warm people they have come to know and befriend as well.

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons why Nasugbu is one of the beloved places in Batangas to the extent that tourists find themselves coming back again and again. It is certainly a captivating town with so much to offer and the only way to have the full experience is to visit Nasugbu and see what makes it such a compelling destination for yourself.


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