Nasugbu, Batangas Uncovered: A Travel Guide for Tourists Visiting Calayo Beach

Regarded as the summer playground of urban dwellers, Nasugbu is a beloved and popular beach destination among locals and tourists alike.

Recognized as one of the most visited towns in Batangas, Nasugbu is famous for its spectacular coastlines and hodgepodge of beaches. As one of the earliest areas to be developed in Batangas, it is inevitable for most of Nasugbu’s beaches to be among those with established resorts famous among locals and tourists. While many of Nasugbu’s best and beloved beaches are nestled within the vicinity of luxurious and upscale resorts such as the likes of Hamilo Coast, Kawayan Cove, and the like, if you ventured deep enough into the town’s verdant and mountainous landscapes, you may just come across some of its well-kept treasures.

These hidden gems are open to the public and would require no prior or advanced booking in order for one to visit. An excellent example of this is Calayo Beach. Primarily a fishing village in Nasugbu, Calayo is slowly but progressively transforming into a beach destination.

With its cerulean waters complemented by the golden sand, tourists–both foreign and local–are starting to notice. Tucked away behind the majestic hills of Sitio Hulo and roughly around fifteen kilometers from Nasugbu town proper, reaching Calayo requires a bit of a trek coupled with a sense of adventure. The place hardly gets a horde of visiting tourists owing to its remoteness, which leaves you to enjoy the entire beach to yourselves.

However, in lieu of deterring you from visiting, let its remoteness awaken the intrepid adventurer in you as the journey is just as exciting as the reward at the end.


While there is not much to do in Calayo Beach, it is an excellent place to chill. Think of it as a serene area where you can lie on a hammock while enjoying your beer as you watch the waves crash to the shore. It is also an ideal jump-off point for visitors who wish to go island hopping. Although the place is a bit far, it is still a compelling visit–even if you do not have to commit to staying overnight–mainly for its all-around relaxing vibe and chill factor. The beach is quite large, which is perfect if you intend to lounge by the sand and forget your troubles for the day. However, be sure to pack food with you as there are not too many restaurants or store options available. If you are not too picky, however, there are a few sari sari stores in Calayo proper with food and drink options.


The nearest airport to Nasugbu is the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport or also known as Manila International Airport). This means that if you are coming from outside Manila, you would need to book a flight to get to the metropolis then start your journey from there. Once in Manila, you can take a bus bound for Nasugbu, Batangas from Pasay, Buendia-Taft, or Cubao. The fare varies depending on which bus liner you are taking, with the travel time anywhere between two to three hours depending on traffic conditions.

Once you reach Nasugbu, alight the bus at the Nasugbu Bus Terminal at the town proper. From there, you can ride a tricycle or jeepney going to Calayo Beach. Upon reaching your destination, you can then rent a table, cottage, or room in one of the several resorts lining the beach.


Looking for a place to stay in Calayo Beach if you wish to spend the night is relatively easy. Visitors who stay overnight may opt to camp out at the beach. Alternatively, you may book one of the rustic nipa huts found fronting Calayo Beach. One place that is becoming quite popular among couples is Calayo Beach Resort, a serene and idyllic retreat cloaked in a romantic ambiance. The resort features traditional Bamboo cottages or “kubos,” which aptly fits its surroundings. With spacious quarters complemented by the dreamy vibe, it is the ideal place for couples on a romantic getaway. However, if you wish to stay at a more upscale accommodation, Calayo Beach is lined with various resorts–from budget to mid-range. Some of the best Nasugbu Accommodation Resorts available for use are Pamana Beach Resort, Club Punta Fuego, and Pamana Beach Resort.


As a beach town, one of the things you should never fail to do while in Calayo is to go swimming. The water is mostly calm, making it ideal for swimming laps or simply wading. Similarly, you may also want to lounge and just lay in the sand while you work on a summer tan or golden glow. While the sand is not powdery white, it is golden and fine, so you can go ahead and lie on it.

For those who wish to get a little physical activity while on the beach, there is an inflatable island or floating water playground set up, you can visit nearby. You can challenge yourself by going through the various inflatable obstacles. Lastly, you should never miss an island-hopping sprint whenever you are in Calayo Beach. The beach is the jump-off point to other points of interest, such as Kayraang Cove, Loren Island (Pulo Cove), and Bituin Cove.


If you are planning to visit during the summertime, be sure to bring enough sun protection such as hats, scarves, and environmental-friendly sunscreens. It is also advised for you to bring insect repellent lotion. To save up on money, you can bring your own food and drinks or make a stop at the Nasugbu public market to stock up on food. Similarly, you can bring your own tent and rough it out so that you would not have to spend on accommodations.

As with any of the places you visit, be respectful of your surroundings. Leave nothing but footsteps and do not take anything but pictures.

If you wish to make Calayo Beach your perpetual hideaway, you might be interested in investing in a beach home near the area. At a sensitive time such as today where everyone is seeking an appropriate solace from the danger of living in congested cities, perhaps your very own slice of paradise in this side of Luzon might bode you well. After all, a home by the sea does not only afford you that most sought-after piece of paradise everyone is looking for, it also allows you peace of mind knowing that you can keep your family safe in a home away from the potential hazards the pandemic might bring.


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