Nasugbu, Batangas: Eight Tourist Attractions and Places to See

Every once in a while, the city dweller in us craves a little break– a respite from life’s perpetual hustle and bustle.

With the daily traffic confrontations, never-ending grind at work, and the metropolitan’s seemingly polluted surroundings, it is inevitable for even the best of us to get burned out. Indeed, it is understandable to take a little breather once in a while and seek a sanctuary that encourages you to put things into perspective and refocus your life so that you can return to the city recharged and rejuvenated. Bear in mind that life is a little too short not to enjoy the small pleasures in life, so go ahead, go on that beach trip and break the monotony of your daily routine. Go to places where you feel the calmest, tranquil, and where you are sure to enjoy a time well spent.

Batangas, one of the cities in the North, has always been known for its beautiful, gorgeous, and serene beaches insomuch that it is regarded as the manilenyo’s playground. Of notable interest is Nasugbu in particular which is known for its string of beaches and tourist attractions. Once an obscure city in Batangas, Nasugbu soon gained popularity over the years and was even considered as a hot summer spot. As the largest municipality of Batangas, much of Nasugbu is still in its natural and undeveloped state which fringes Mt. Palay-Palay National Park and four marine protected areas. But if you are picturing a wide expanse of seemingly endless forestry, you are wrong. Nasugbu is not just a seemingly endless wilderness. Like much of the country and even comparable to some of Cebu’s hot spots, it is a tropical paradise that has much to offer to both beach bums and nature lovers alike. So, if you intend to take a trip up north anytime soon, do not overlook Nasugbu as a destination as the place might just surprise you. In this article, we have curated a list of the best spots and tourist attractions in Nasugbu that make it such a compelling visit to Batangas.

1.) Hamilo Coast

Known as the Amazon Rainforest of the seas, Hamilo Coast boasts of its 25 kilometers (15.53 miles) coastline. What makes Hamilo Coast such a compelling visit is that it showcases the best of both land and sea. It presents three mountain peaks on the east and comprises thirteen coves outstretched within its scope (with three of them declared as Marine Protected Areas). Some of the activities offered are billiards, squash, tennis–all of which are available to members at a good price. However, one can still enjoy the place even as a guest.

2.) Tali Beach

Known as one of the most visited and well-known attractions in Nasugbu, Batangas Tali Beach is understandably a summer favorite in Batangas. While it does not boast of white beaches typical in the Philippines, the emerald and azure-colored waters right before the khaki brown colored boulders are enough to take you in. Swimming and lounging by the beach are two inevitable activities but most people visit Tali Beach to try out cliff-jumping which is said to be a must if you wish to have the full experience. However, bear in mind that the beach is a private resort which means access to it is restricted to its residents, homeowners, and their guests. In this regard, knowing someone inside to allow you access is a must. Alternatively, however, you may choose to rent a house for a night or book through an agency that takes visitors on a day tour to the beach.

3.) Mt. Batulao

If you are not much of a beach bum or just wish to take a break from the water then you might want to try mountain climbing instead. Mt Batulao is known to be an excellent start for neophytes in trekking and mountain climbing. It is safe to climb as well as the scope is inhabited by mostly friendly locals in the area. While the track to the peak may not be demanding, it takes about two to three hours of walking through paths before you can reach it and witness the sight of vast grasslands, striking formations and smell the fresh scent of the breeze atop the summit. With that said, Mt Batulao is definitely one of the places worth the visit to Batangas–especially if you wish to have a full and panoramic view of the province.

4.) Caleruega Chapel

A chapel heavily featured in Filipino films and weddings, Caleruega’s Transfiguration Chapel does not really have much history. Moreover, the trip to the chapel can be quite taxing and can only be done if you have a private vehicle of your own. However, the majestic scenery and picturesque surroundings would definitely make up for the challenging trip. Perched on top of a garden-adorned hill, Caleruega offers a spectacular view of Batangas’s countryside with Mt. Batulao dominating the landscape. The relaxing scenery and beautiful landscape are two compelling reasons that make the Transfiguration Chapel one of the popular wedding venues and retreat destinations in the region.

5.) Fortune Island

Regarded as the Greece in the Philippines, Fortune Island was once an exclusive island owned by former Governor Jose Antonio Leviste. He envisioned the island to be an idyllic vacation spot designed for the upper echelon and drafted a luxurious beach resort the resembles the Acropolis of Athens in Greece. However, it can be quite costly and difficult to maintain a luxury resort without a steady source of freshwater which led to the inevitable cessation of operations in 2006. It is not without its majesty, however, as one remarkable reminder of its once luxurious vision is the grand Grecian pillars and statues that sit atop the island’s limestone cliff overlooking the sea. While the island is generally rocky with only a short stretch of sand, it is quite popular among sun worshippers and campers. Back in the day, it was a best-kept secret among divers as the island is surrounded by shipwreck diving sites including the ill-fated Mauritius, a Dutch warship that sank on December 14, 1600.

6.) Pico de Loro

A Spanish word for “Parrot’s Beak”, Pico de Loro is a dormant volcano that is popular among trekkers and mountain climbers. Adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts are particularly fond of its interesting shape that resembles a bird’s beak. With that said, however, the climb is definitely not for beginners and should be done only with those who have enough climbing and trekking experience. However, everyone who has been to Pico de Loro knows that the main attraction is not the interesting shape of the volcano. Rather it is the breathtaking and awe-inspiring view of the Mount Palay-Palay Range that entices one to come. With that said, if you are an expert trekker and can rock climb, visiting Mount Pico de Loro should definitely be on your list when you are visiting Nasugbu.

7.) Kayraang Cove

Located in Barangay Calayo, Kayraang Cove is a pristine stretch that attests to the natural beauty that Nasugbu possesses. Known as one of Nasugbu’s best-kept secrets, this place is ideal for those who wish to stay away from crowds or desire a little privacy. The place is relatively unknown and is usually not part of island hopping tours which means you may even have the chance of having the place all to yourselves. The water is quite shallow which makes for an excellent wading and relaxing spot where you can simply relax.

8.) Pulo Island (Loren Island)

Known to the locals as Pulo-Pulo, Pulo Island or Loren Island is a gorgeous attraction that offers a spectacular island escape. The island is just located twenty minutes away from Calayo Beach and it is said that the island’s moniker “Loren” is named after its owner, Loren Legarda herself. Bear in mind to manage your expectations, however as the sand in Loren Island is not white nor is it fine. It is beige and pebbly at best but nonetheless, the island still offers much in terms of relaxation and sightseeing. The island has two beaches and a sandbar that links to another rocky islet which definitely makes for an interesting visit.

With a myriad of attractions and sights to see, Nasugbu definitely offers a diverse set of activities for everyone to try should they ever wish to visit. Beach bums can enjoy the beautiful beaches and pristine coves while outdoor enthusiasts can spend their time conquering majestic mountains and volcanoes. Indeed, Nasugbu has something for everyone and is worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Northern Luzon. So, if you are looking for an ideal place to reset and recharge away from the stress of the city, you might want to consider Nasugbu as your next destination!


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